Protecting and preserving what’s most important.

WolfPack’s Commitment

We’re caring for people and the environment today – to provide a safer, more sustainable tomorrow.

Doing our Part

Making ESG strides with the power of the Pack.

WolfPack’s commitment to exceptional environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance ensures we continually meet the most exacting ESG criteria. Our practices are based on four essential pillars: investing in our people, operating safely and sustainably, providing exceptional customer support, and strengthening local communities. We strive – and hold ourselves accountable – to support diversity and inclusiveness in every aspect of our business. WolfPack adheres strictly to federal and international ESG standards, and we require the same adherence of our subcontractors and vendor partners. We cooperate with the efforts of our customers, vendors and local communities to:

  • Drive continuous improvement for the environment
  • Promote honesty and integrity in every single interaction
  • Consistently add value to the business community and to society as a whole

"Caring for each other and our surroundings isn’t a matter of simply doing what’s expected of us. We do it because we mean it. WolfPack thrives on positive energy, and we proudly promote shared success and well-being."

Investing in our people.

WolfPack celebrates unique and varied perspectives, and we value the individual and collective successes brought to life in a culture built on diversity, equality and inclusion.

Companywide investments in WolfPack personnel extend far beyond financial compensation. Our leadership team appreciates the contributions of each individual – regardless of background and free of discrimination – and they understand that freely sharing their time and compassion can contribute greatly to employees’ professional growth.


of WolfPack employees are women.


of WolfPack employees are minorities.


of WolfPack employees are bilingual.

Operating safely and sustainably.

Prioritizing safety and sustainability means always embracing innovation – and sometimes, it requires us to rethink our standards and make tough changes. But, when the goal is continual improvement, we’re always up for the challenge. For every task, we thoroughly consider every detail and every variable. And we do so repeatedly.

To ensure consistent operational protocol and gain performance insight, our safety committee reviews all field reports and takes action when appropriate. All field employees complete industry-approved safety orientation and education programs before they’re allowed to conduct any work in the field – and they’re also required to undergo continuing/refresher training. Employees at all levels are empowered to invoke Stop Work Authority (SWA) to avoid potential incidents. And companywide, every employee has the opportunity to submit sustainability ideas to be considered for planning and implementation.

Providing exceptional customer support.

At WolfPack, we pride ourselves on providing unparalleled customer service. We not only understand our customers’ product and service needs, but we also share the same exacting standards for health, safety, quality, productivity, efficiency and fiscal responsibility. That may seem like a long string of words, but each concept is important. Even more important are the heroes who go to work every day and relentlessly uphold those ideals.

Strengthening local communities.

WolfPack has served remote and temporary customer operations since 2005. And we’re keenly aware of the potential impact we can have on smaller communities with limited resources and/or opportunities. We work hard to befriend those in the community and support local businesses and organizations. We’re delighted by the opportunity to help people and businesses thrive – both while we’re there and after we leave.

Our commitment is driven by an innate desire to see ourselves and those around us grow and succeed, while doing our part to protect the planet and preserve its natural resources.  


EcoVadis Sustainability Rating


EcoVadis Sustainability Rating


2021 Safety Total Recordable
Incident Rate (TRIR)


2022 Safety Total Recordable
Incident Rate (TRIR)


Environmental incidents
throughout entire company


ISN-approved safety
programs for 18 operators


Veriforce SafeLand-approved
safety programs for 19


Operator-endorsed master
service agreements

The complete QHSE package.

There’s a reason conscientious companies group quality, health, safety and environment (QHSE) into a single category. Each of these interconnected components has a significant effect on the QHSE system as a whole. When it comes to QHSE, WolfPack has it covered.


Quality is an all-encompassing facet of QHSE. At WolfPack, our strict attention to quality is the first step in preventing a variety of threats to health, safety and the environment – such as spills, equipment malfunctions, electrical hazards, air and water contamination, etc.


Happy, healthy people keep WolfPack running strong. On the worksite, we confirm all workers are well rested, hydrated and free of sickness or injury before taking on any task. And we provide comprehensive health benefits to help our team members maintain their personal best physical and mental fitness.


Our Veriforce SafeLand Basic Training-certified trainers work relentlessly to maintain a positive safety culture – with zero excuses or exceptions. WolfPack employees regularly participate in planning, implementation, training and evaluation of safe operations and healthy working conditions. We conduct pre-employment, post-incident, for-cause and random substance-abuse testing. Before and during any job task, we complete job-hazard analyses and meticulously check our personal protective equipment (PPE). Whether it’s daily driving, operating and maintaining heavy equipment, or simply traversing a jobsite on foot, WolfPack leaves nothing to chance.


WolfPack is committed to understanding and managing our environmental impact, and we maintain strict environmental safety standards. In cooperation with the efforts of our customers and vendor partners, we strive to:

  • Use resources conscientiously and efficiently
  • Reduce the impact of airborne emissions, pollutants and material waste
  • Protect water resources and reduce the impact on surrounding communities by minimizing water usage and avoiding contamination from our operations
  • Implement sustainable processes and drive continuous improvement

Environmental stewardship is central to the WolfPack culture, and we are committed to operating responsibly and sustainably.