Water Systems

All your water needs.
On-site and on demand.

Flowing Strong

A steady stream of the highest-quality fresh water. Efficient recycling of reclaimed worksite water for nonpotable uses. Nobody beats WolfPack water systems.


Operating at
maximum shower.

Reliable, instant access to fresh water is a necessity in crew quarters and other worksite buildings. Even with its small footprint, one trailer-mounted freshwater unit can process and supply up to 6,000 gallons1 of pure, drinkable water per day. That’s enough to keep a typical crew camp on tap.

Our fully automated microfiltration system achieves superior purity using WolfPack-exclusive technology. It provides UV treatment and five-filter reverse osmosis2 to ensure unsurpassed quality for every drop of water that flows into an on-site facility.

WolfPack freshwater system:

  • Eliminate the need for freshwater delivery
    • Reduced on-site vehicle traffic
    • Lower transport costs
    • Minimized road traffic and related emissions
  • Include 1,000 gallons of on-site reserve storage
  • Adhere strictly to Texas Commission on Environmental Quality drinking water guidelines
  • Are remotely monitored 24/7 to ensure uninterrupted supply
  • Maintain optimal pH and sodium levels
  • Reduce potentially harmful substances beyond what’s required

1 Up to 4,000 gal/d when reverse osmosis is required to reduce total dissolved solids (TDS).

2 Reverse osmosis is not necessary and is bypassed when TDS of the pretreated source water is < 1,000mg/L.

Features in the Field

Good hydrations.

Working in the field, it’s especially important to stay hydrated. In addition to supplying water to all worksite buildings, the WolfPack freshwater system is like a thirst-quenching, ice-dispensing beacon for hardworking crews.

Instant access on the worksite:

  • Fresh drinking water – always on tap
  • 300 lb ice per day – available at the push of a button

And there’s more good news: WolfPack’s freshwater system also supplies our strategically placed handwashing stations. When dirty hands need a time-out, this’s where they go. Don’t eat lunch without it.

Wastewater System

Maximizing your
nonpotable water potential.

Don’t clutter your worksite with tons of trucks to store, transport and dispose of raw wastewater. WolfPack gives you a sustainable, cost-effective way to recycle and repurpose the water used by your crew.

Our automated recycling system:

  • Collects and consolidates all crew-quarter drainage
  • Processes wastewater in our proprietary, mobile filtering/treatment plant
  • Pumps the processed, nonpotable water to a wellsite pit or storage tank
  • Recovers valuable water resources for fracturing operations, irrigation, dust control and more.

Go With the H2O Pros.

When it comes to supplying and handling water on the worksite, we’re a wellspring of resources. With unparalleled customer service, expertise and resources to keep your operations flowing smoothly, WolfPack is your reliable source for remote water.