Environmental Services

Driving continuous improvement for the environment.

Preserved and Protected

WolfPack is always evolving our eco-friendly outlook to promote a more sustainable future. We’re on a positive path – and we’re continually working with our customers and vendors to keep getting better!


Using less. Achieving more.

When it comes to preserving resources, water is a great place to start. We’ve made significant advances in reclaiming, recycling and repurposing worksite water. We’re experts at collecting and processing wastewater for irrigation, groundwater replenishment, industrial/wellsite operations and environmental restoration. It’s the ideal combination of affordability, responsibility and sustainability.

WolfPack Environmental

Planning for the future. Delivering today.

Officially established on the very first day of business in 2023, WolfPack Environmental represents a huge leap in the evolution of our sustainability efforts. This eco-focused service line is available throughout the continental U.S. – ready to deliver the unparalleled service, unsurpassed quality and uncompromising safety WolfPack is known for.

These are some of the comprehensive services we’ll provide to keep your natural surroundings and commercial areas in top ecological condition:

  • Emergency response services
  • Natural disaster relief
  • Oilfield site analysis, cleanup and waste disposal
  • Environmental remediation
  • Site decontamination and restoration
  • Specialized equipment rentals

Exceptional ESG and QHSE practices.

In addition to adhering strictly to federal and international environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards, WolfPack cooperates closely with the efforts of our customers, vendors and local communities.

We strive to maintain a positive culture with exceptional quality, health, safety and environmental (QHSE) practices. On an ongoing basis, WolfPack employees participate in planning, implementation, training and evaluation of safe operations and healthy working conditions.

Let’s Promote a Positive Environment Together.

If you’re looking to recycle and reuse the wastewater from your worksite accommodations, we’ve got the right systems to do it. Or, if you’d like to discuss how WolfPack Environmental can benefit your operations, we’d love to hear from you.