Freshwater systems: Safe drinking water anywhere, anytime.

Fresh water is essential for life, but its availability is limited. In fact, only a fraction of fresh water is potable. Ensuring access to safe drinking water is crucial, especially in remote worksites where traditional infrastructure may be lacking.

To meet this need, companies operating in the oil and gas, construction and events industries are adopting advanced technologies to improve operations while providing more sustainable solutions. Mobile freshwater systems (also known as mobile freshwater plants) have transformed access to safe drinking water. Compared to bottled water, on-site water treatment methods provide a more sustainable solution with no packaging waste and less delivery traffic.

Typically delivered on a water trailer, mobile freshwater systems are designed to deliver pure, safe drinking water to any location. These mobile units are especially helpful for temporary worksites or emergency relief after natural disasters.

These systems are not only crucial for drinking, but also for personal hygiene tasks – such as showering, brushing teeth and washing clothes and dishes – where nonpotable water can pose health risks.

How Mobile Freshwater Systems Purify Raw, Fresh Water

Mobile water systems use advanced technology to purify water from virtually any fresh source, including rivers, lakes or wells. In addition to storing and treating water from freshwater sources, these systems can be connected to worksite water fast lines and pumps.

The purification process typically involves:

  • Pre-Testing and Collection: Identifying and testing source water for impurities to ensure it is suitable for treatment.
  • Advanced Water Treatment: Using smart technology to filter, disinfect and adjust the water to meet strict safety standards. If required, the system uses reverse osmosis to further purify the water.
  • Storage and Monitoring: Storing and continuously circulating and monitoring the treated water to maintain purity.
  • On-Demand Distribution: Providing approximately 4,000 to 6,000 gallons per day of clean water (depending on required purification), which ensures a reliable supply for drinking, cooking and hygiene.

These comprehensive steps provide water that exceeds regulatory standards for potability.

Why Potable Water Is Essential for Personal Use

Using potable water for personal hygiene and consumption is crucial to maintain healthy conditions. Contaminants in nonpotable water, including bacteria, viruses and chemicals, can cause serious illnesses when used for showering, brushing teeth or even washing dishes.

Mobile water purification units make it possible to have safe, potable water for all these uses, which helps to safeguard the health of people in remote locations or disaster-affected areas.

How Mobile Freshwater Systems Support Sustainability

By minimizing waste and reducing transport traffic and emissions, mobile freshwater systems offer a safer, greener alternative to ongoing water delivery:

  • Less production and waste than plastic/disposable bottled water containers.
  • Significant decrease in fuel consumption and transportation emissions.
  • Reduced traffic, congestion and risk on roadways and worksites.

The Benefits of Mobile Freshwater Systems

Mobile freshwater systems have transformed how businesses manage worksite drinking water. The advantages extend to companies looking for cost-effective, reliable, safe drinking water:

  • Versatility and Scalability: Adaptable for temporary or long-term use in any location.
  • Compliance with Standards: Certified to meet stringent standards for mobile public water systems.
  • Advanced Purification Technologies: Incorporating multistage filtration, UV disinfection, and more to eliminate contaminants.
  • Rapid Deployment: Trailer-mounted units that are operational within hours, providing immediate access to potable water.
  • Sustainability: Reducing environmental impact and reliance on having drinking water hauled in on a daily basis.

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