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Revolutionizing Access to Pure Fresh Water at Any Location

For every form of life on our planet, fresh water is essential. From serene lakes to rivers and babbling brooks, our natural freshwater systems play a vital role in maintaining ecological balance and well-being.

However, according to a variety of reliable sources, only about 3 to 3.5% of Earth’s water is fresh water – and only about 1.2% of those reserves are potable – meaning it can be consumed as drinking water. These numbers vary slightly according to the source, but one this is certain: Although we tend to take it for granted, potable water is a precious resource.

Regardless of where the freshwater supply was originally sourced, ensuring it’s safe to drink is a complex process. Water sourced from a well or a lake will not likely meet regulatory standards until it has undergone many filtering and treatment processes.

That’s why it’s challenging to provide a safe, instantly accessible supply of potable water in many locations. Fortunately, in areas where fresh water isn’t available – like remote worksites and locations recovering from natural disasters – innovative companies have developed highly advanced mobile systems to provide efficient access to safe, drinkable water. For crews boarding at remote worksites, these systems mean they’re no longer forced to drink only bottled water while relying on nonpotable water to shower, wash clothes and dishes, and clean their living quarters.

How do our mobile freshwater systems work?

Mobile freshwater systems use cutting-edge technology to combine several water-treatment methods in a mobile, self-contained unit. Using automated water-purification processes, these trailer-mounted units can be set up quickly in almost any location to treat and dispense water with exceptional purity.

Depending on the quality of the source water and the capabilities of the treatment equipment, the overall treatment process can vary. But a comprehensive approach – like the multistage process used in the WolfPack freshwater system – delivers superior purity and peace of mind. All WolfPack freshwater systems are manufactured to our precise specifications in our Altair, TX facility.

A quick summary of WolfPack’s comprehensive, multistage process:

  • Pre-Testing and Collection: The GPS location of the “raw,” untreated source water documented, and the water is tested at the source to determine its composition and levels of various impurities. The water is pumped to a supply tank after it has been determined suitable for treatment.
  • Treatment: Our exclusive, intelligent technology routes the source water along the appropriate treatment pathway, where it automatically passes through the system to be filtered, disinfected and calibrated for proper pH and mineral levels.
  • Storage and Internal Circulation: The pure drinking water then moves to the onboard storage tank, where it’s constantly recirculated through the system and monitored by an array of automated sensors to maintain exacting specifications.
  • Distribution: Voila! Cool, fresh drinking water is on tap directly from the freshwater unit – as well as 400 pounds of ice per day from the onboard dispenser. On top of that, all on-site buildings and crew quarters have instant access to up to 6,000 gallons per day1 of clean, potable water.
  • Monitoring: Smart, remote monitoring ensures optimal operation at all times. In addition to automated, on-board adjustments, real-time alerts notify WolfPack technicians if they need to make an on-site service call.
  • Maintenance: Regularly scheduled maintenance visits provide eyes-on expertise to further ensure unsurpassed quality, safety and sustainability standards.

How WolfPack freshwater systems help your business.

Life itself depends on fresh water – so naturally, your day-to-day operations depend on it, too. Designed and built in-house, WolfPack freshwater systems deliver unparalleled quality and accessibility in locations where a reliable supply of drinking water isn’t readily available.

Versatile, scalable convenience.

  • Flexible and adaptable to meet the needs of temporary worksites, long-term use in remote locations, or emergency relief efforts
  • Able to purify water from virtually any source of fresh water, including rivers, lakes and wells
  • Certified by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TECQ) to meet their stringent standards for mobile public water systems
  • 6,000-gallon- per-day1 capacity – providing more than enough pure water to keep a typical crew camp on tap for drinking, cooking, showering, washing dishes, and doing laundry.

An array of advanced technologies in a single package.

  • Multistage filtration, UV disinfection, state-of-the-art reverse osmosis and chemical treatment processes to remove contaminants and pathogens
  • Remote monitoring to automatically adjust treatment processes, optimize equipment performance and supplement scheduled maintenance protocols
  • Continuous circulation and redundant testing to ensure unwavering purity

Rapid, anywhere deployment.

  • Trailer-mounted for ease of transportation and setup
  • Fully operational within hours of arrival on location
  • Frequent on-site maintenance visits to test water purity and inspect mechanical components

Sustainable, efficient freshwater access.

  • Designed to reduce environmental impact and promote ongoing stewardship
  • Significant decrease in road and worksite traffic, fuel consumption and transportation emissions compared to ongoing water delivery
  • Less production and waste of plastic/disposable water containers

Go with the H2O pros: WolfPack freshwater systems deliver healthy hydration to the most remote outposts.

WolfPack Industries is at the forefront of freshwater innovation, offering mobile systems that bring clean, safe, sustainable solutions to worksites across the nation.

Because every WolfPack freshwater system is designed and manufactured in house, our water experts are ideally equipped to deliver superior knowledge and service. Drop for drop, it’s the ultimate combination of top-tier equipment, unbeatable expertise and impeccable attention to detail.

Interested in a no-pressure quote to get free-flowing fresh water wherever your operations take you? Contact us today or give us a call at 346-707-8226. Our experts are on tap and at your service.

Operations running strong. That’s the power of the Pack.

1Up to 4,000 gal/d when reverse osmosis is required to reduce total dissolved solids (TDS).